Wagon Train DollsOld Fashioned Handmade Dolls
Sandra Green of Wagon Train DollsMy name is Sandra Greene. I have been making these rag dolls since I was a little girl. My interest in dolls started in 1946. My mother helped me make a rag doll when I was six years old. My mother was a seamstress. It was from the scraps of discarded clothes from other people that she made my rag doll. Mother made dolls out of many different things. She would make a stuffed rag doll with yarn hair, also a tea towel doll and a trail side doll made from wood. 

We didn't have a store bought doll, we couldn't afford them. So the rag dolls were very special to us. We didn't get a new one every year. Mother would start in about October. She would say "you know some people won't get anything for Christmas this year, so why don't you send your dolls to the brownies and have them make clothes for them?" She made me and my sister a matching outfit to go with the dolls' new clothes from discarded pattern dresses that once belonged to someone else. On Christmas Eve, our precious dolls would disappear.